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Avoid the Flu!

The flu shot is always your best bet for avoiding the flu.

Our vaccines are:

  • $0 copay** with most insurances
  • only $55.00 without insurance
  • quadrivalent
  • preservative free
  • available to ages 4 and up
    **with most major insurance. Some exceptions may apply
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Primary care

  • We care everything from common illnesses to chronic diseases, with the help of trained and skilled physicians.
  • We provide a wide range of wellness services, including sports and camp physicals, smoking cessation and TB testing. 
  • We provide common vaccinations for Flu, Pneumonia, Pertussis, Hepatitis, and others. We also provide minor suturing (stitches) as well.
Flu shots

Flu is a respiratory illness caused by a virus which is highly contagious and normally spread by cough or sneeze of an infected person. A seasonal flu vaccine can lower the risk of getting flu. Getting flu vaccine yearly is the best way to protect yourself from the flu.


Vaccination is to stimulate the immune system against microbes, thereby preventing the disease. It protects you from getting an infectious disease. 

Immigration Physicals

The physical test required for completingt prevents you from obtaining citizenship.

Minor injuries

Treatments for a wide range of injuries such as cuts, sprains, wound infection and simple fractures for all age peoples.

Sports injuries

Treatments for athletes of all ages and skill levels suffering from pain, injury or instability from participating in a sport.

Sprains and strains

Sprains and Strains both are common injuries with similar symptoms that involve in different parts of the body. Both range from mild to severe depending on muscles and ligaments involved and how badly they have damaged.


Diagnose and provide pain management for primary headaches such as migraine and also underlying medical conditions that require prompt diagnosis and treatment.

IV and Hydration Therapy

Provides fast on demand hangover IV treatment used for the fluid replacement to correct the electrolyte imbalance to deliver medications and for blood transfusion.

Onsite Lab work

We equipped to do a wide range of blood work labs and tests, many that are done right on the site with same day result and a wide range of convenient services.

Sports Physicals

Test needed before athletes can begin competing. It consist of medical history and physical exam that make sure that athlete is healthy enough to practice.

Fever and nausea

Nausea unpleasant feeling in the back of your throat and stomach that may lead to vomiting. Treatment is given for both fever and nausea according to the body condition.

Sore throat, cough or cold

The common sign of sore throat is a virus. Viral sore throats are accompanied by other cold symptoms that include cough and running nose.

Minor burns

Treatment for Minor burns on different parts of the body is provided with the most care and attention.

Minor procedures

Primary care include so many minor procedures for surgery and other treatment methods. It is useful for patients and cost effective.


A routine physical examination makes sure that you are in good health. It can also be a preventive step , it brings you catch up on vaccinations or detect a serious condition.

Workers comp

Workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees and it includes work-related fatalities, Injuries or Illness.

Onsite X-Ray exams

The onsite x-ray services result in reduced wait times for results and can help you to receive further treatments.

Commercial Driver’s License Physicals

Authorised medical examiner can help you have the necessary physical examination for the commercial driver’s license.

About Us

We provide a wide range of wellness services, including weight loss services, sports and camp physicals, smoking cessation and TB testing. We provide common vaccinations for Flu, Pneumonia, Pertussis, Hepatitis, and others. We also provide minor suturing (stitches) as well.

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