Involuntary weight loss becomes a very serious difficulty when we don’t take enough care of it. Remind that weight loss may arise due to various causes such as cancer and the medication for its treatment, other terminal diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases, consumption of psychoactive substances and many other reasons among which we find stress or depression. Weight loss due to stress and depression is one of the most common involuntary ways whereby people begin to lose weight, so if you or someone you know is having problems with this, keep in mind the following tips so that stress cause weight loss may be overcome:

Tips to overcome  stress-induced weight loss

  • Depression drives the individual to stop eating, this will cause an eating disorder that later can become a chronic disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. Although there may be many treatments you could use, it would be better to meet a specialist as soon as possible to get the necessary treatment to regain the lost weight, many times we use to think what we consume will be useful for our body, but a specialist will know the exact feeding which will help us to regain the needed proteins and nutrients. Although depression is severe, we have to avoid stop eating!
  • Depression becomes the medium whereby several negative mental states and other physical issues may appear, for instance, sadness, dissatisfaction, fatigue, etc., and these are causal of loss of appetite which ends in involuntary weight loss. Enough time to sleep, activities to avoid sadness or dissatisfaction and other dynamic activities will help to counteract these negative symptoms and will help the person to be less prone to sudden and involuntary weight loss. Read more on 11 simple tips to lose weight without exercise
  • We need to take great about how we are feeding ourselves. Researchers have demonstrated that when we don’t have an adequate feeding we can experience behavioral changes like trouble concentrating, anxiety, or even depression, when this situation occurs, it will be more likely that a person begins to experience symptoms like the ones we mentioned, even the weight loss. So, to take proper control of it, what we need to do is to take more detailed care about what we eat and stick with what most nourishes our body.
  • When women are pregnant or have just given birth, she evidently begins to experience new changes in her body, changes to which baby care is added, the accumulation of these challenges can provoke in the woman a negative mental state that can quickly drive her to a weight loss between other complications. Face this change by following carefully the instructions given by the doctor, take enough time to sleep and rest to regain energy, wash your intimate zone as many times as necessary, do walks that are not very demanding so you can avoid constipation, these and other simple activities will allow you to avoid negative thought that could drive you to depression, weight loss, and other issues. As well as in pregnancy or postpartum, in menopause there are many physiological changes that need adequate attention, consume supplement like vitamin D and calcium, avoid falls or strong blows, do not carry too heavy stuff, seek to keep your body weight balanced, not much left or right, not too much forward or backward, dress in proper shoes, etc.; these are some of the may simple cares you need to keep in mind so that you may avoid getting a poorly treated menopause, then a bad emotional state, then weight loss and other physical and emotional complications. You can also read the article about Weight loss Programs for Women Without Exercise

Usually, depression appears due to lack of something, but sometimes we try to catch many things at the same time that finally, we use to get stressed, we need to find an exact point to balance both, and so avoiding physical issues. Now that we have talked about losing weight due to depression, let’s take a look about stress-related weight loss:      

Stress-related weight loss                

  • You need to take time for pondering. Many times we are overloaded with many worries that we do not take enough time to set time aside to ponder and relax. It is important to avoid unnecessary things and establish priorities when we get to order it we will be able to take enough care of our health, remember, if you are doing many unnecessary things and don’t take enough time to nourish your body for doing them, what do expect the result will be?
  • Do not allow for anything to lose time to sleep. Enough time to sleep and rest is vital to develop all-day-long activities. When you don’t sleep enough, your mood will be affected and you will not want to do several of the activities you need to develop during the day, including feeding yourself the necessary, this habit will drive to a delicate weight loss. Just get enough rest, but do not become a sedentary person. 
  • Seek to avoid situations that may contribute to stress, remember that it will get harder to face if you “lock yourself” in a world that you may come to think that you cannot overcome; avoiding tough situations from the beginning will make you easier to deal with other difficulties that may arise with a stress-related problem. So, cheer up! Although many times you do not consider this, mood influences deeply your physical state, if you allow your mood low, then you will be affected physically, you will look thin, with dark circles, even with paleness. Do you want to know some factors about Physician Assisted Weight Loss Programs: Things You Should Know About? Go through the article. 

Now we add some of the symptoms whereby you will realize if you are suffering from stress or depression, so read carefully:


Panic, lack of desire to do something pleasant, stomach ache, feeling that you are useless, inadequate rest, stiff muscles, highly negative thinking, exhausting mental and physical state, slow movements.


Pain in different parts of your body like the head, stomach, chest, shoulders, etc.; petulance, rigid tendons, menstrual irregularities, paralysis, hair loss.

Both sometimes present similar symptoms, so if you are having one of the mentioned before or suspect you that any symptoms you have can be related to stress or depression, try to follow the advice given by us and that most adjust to you, and as soon as possible seek professional help, do not allow your health get worse.