Healthy Medical Weight loss in 6 weeks

Lose weight and start living a better lifestyle in 3 – 6 Weeks with our medically assisted nonsurgical weight loss programs that are tailored to your needs.We give individual care for each patient and do an initial assessment and the physician identifies and treats according to the hidden cause of overweight and obesity.
No-Surgery, No stress, and Fast Results.


Safe and sustainable weight loss

Having excess body fat is a disease and it has multiple impacts on our lifestyle. Even though most people understand this, their body and mind resist the weight loss efforts by foreseeing the struggle they need to face for the same. So what if you could suppress your appetite and start losing weight in a week? What if you could gain a healthy body in 3-6 weeks?
At Carolina Primary Care, we specialize in medical treatment for weight loss. Our weight loss plans are for patients who have overweight issues, obesity issues and those who wish to remove excess body fat.
We help you to lead a healthy lifestyle by safe and sustainable 3-6 weeks of weight loss plans perfected by expert doctors.  


Our weight loss process includes analyzing the body fat, calculating the BMI including a laboratory blood test. All the information about the patient will be considered an appropriate treatment will be recommended for each. According to this information, our physician will provide a diet that promotes faster weight loss. You receive a diet plan based on your blood result, food preference and weight loss goals. Diet plan will be based on the food available at your local market. Also, you will have a choice of food but in a smaller quantity than you are probably used to eat. At last, you will reach the point where your appetite satisfied with less food.


Our Weight Loss Process Includes

  • Understanding your body and unique needs
  • Understanding the cause of your excess fat
  • Crafting a plan that fits your needs
  • Navigating your weight loss plan towards success
  • Achieving your weight loss goal
  • Helping you enjoy a happy lifestyle with healthy body and mind

EXPERT physician guidance

The medical weight loss experts at Carolina Primary Care provide excellent care for safe and fast weight loss. Our experts work shoulder to shoulder with you through out the process to shred the excess fat in your body. From our weight loss experts you could expect a healthy diet and exercise plan, medications to restrain appetite and ongoing counseling.


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What weight loss program you are providing? Why your program is different from others?

We are using HCG either injections or in sublingual form depending on patient comfort. The program includes nutritional support with dietary /Calorie restriction. This program allows patients to lose excess fat but no muscle mass so they still feel strong and has no wasted appearance after weight loss.

Will it be safe?

This a safe medication in most adults.

Do I need a referral for this?

No referral is needed.

If I have diabetics or any other medical condition will this program be safe?

If you have diabetes then medication or insulin dose adjustment will be suggested based on your condition.

What is the pattern of the diet, does it need special food and how strict is?

Your are allowed to eat most of the foods with reduced dairy.

Do you give powders or any supplements?

We do not sell any powders or nutritional supplements.

Is this program effective for all body types?

It is effective for all body types with overweight. During the consultation, realistic goals will be set.

The average weight that I can expect to lose through this program?

Average of 20 to 40 pounds weight loss is expected if you follow the recommendations.

Is the physician a medical doctor or nutritionist?

You are assessed by MD in each visit.

Who can join to this Carolina Primary Care weight loss program?

Anybody that is motivated for loose weight and stay fit is welcome to join the program.


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